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Please email to request more information.

You are cordially invited to host a special screening of normal people scare me a documentary about autism. Here’s how it works:

Benefits to Host Organization(s)
  • 5% of ticket price at door for film screening is donated to Host Organization(s). Ticket price is negotiated between us. Host Organizations are strongly encouraged to collaborate with other autism-related organizations, school districts, and others to encourage unity, education and awareness.

  • Meet the filmmaker Q & A with audience. We will not charge the Host organization appearance fees for:

    Taylor Cross - Director & Filmmaker, Young man with Aspergers
    Keri Bowers - Director, Author, Producer, Advocate, Educator and mother of son with Aspergers
    Nicki Fischer - Publisher & Editor, Executive Director - The Autism Perspective magazine; Photo journalist will cover event when applicable.

    Minimum guarantee of attendees by Host Organization based upon 300 seats; minimum ticket price $15. Host Organization must provide and pay for venue, including all fees, costs, and permits, etc. related thereto.

  • The Autism Perspective and Normal Films will absorb contiguous North American travel-related expenses for any or all of the above personal appearances.

  • Secified number of film (DVDs) and subscriptions to The Autism Perspective magazine (to be determined) are provided to your organization for promotional purposes.

  • Any and all additional expenses, fees or costs including headliner appearances to be negotiated, i.e. Joey Travolta and other celebrities.

  • The Autism Perspective and Normal Films will work with Host organization to promote and advertise the screening on radio, television and print.

  • Reduced advertising rates in The Autism Perspective magazine for Host organization(s).
Please email to request more information.