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Mapping Transitions
Mapping Transitions to Your Child's Ffuture
by Keri Bowers

Order Mapping Transitions to Your Child's Future
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What is “Mapping”?

Mapping is the process of creating a written plan of action to help you achieve the best possible future for and with your child. As you progress through the Mapping Workbook, you will be encouraged to include your child in the process. Your child’s needs and best interests are always at the center of their Mapping Plan.

In addition to including your child in the Plan, you will invite family, friends, and other professionals who know your child to participate in the Mapping process. In a sense, your Plan will be a community building project, with you as the chief architect. Those you ask to assist you in creating the Plan will be your personal planning commission, ready and willing to help you create and carry out your work on the Plan.

Your Mapping Plan Will Consider:

  5. FINANCIAL GOALS, include estate planning, Medical, Social Security, etc.

NOTE: OIL CHANGES AREN’T ANY FUN, BUT WE NEED TO GET THEM — Like an oil change, going to the dentist or washing your windows, we tend to put many tasks off as long as possible. Creating this plan may be a lot of work not unlike a less-favored chore and it will likely not be the first thing on your to-do list. But I encourage you to make it a priority. If you are anything like me, you will be inclined to allow this workbook to sit on a desk, or table with your full intention of getting it done. But, everyday chores and lists of things to do may seem more important. But consider that what you put off only collects dust!

Why do we have a plan?

  • Have a place where it is all written down
  • Help others to know your child better (used by people who support)
  • Help with long-term planning and life transitions (e.g. school to work)
  • Figure out what is important to a person and what types of supports make sense.
  • Use info to create supports and recruit providers of services
  • Remind us where we’ve been and where we’re going
  • Determine a course of action (continually changing) to achieve long- term goals
  • A just in case plan

The Workbook will help you to:

  • Create a “mapping” notebook to begin to build markers and goals for your child’s future success. Every IEP, IPP, MTP (or other “P”) you ever attend will have the core of your “map” to help guide future decisions toward the plan for your child’s future. I provide the notebook to you.

  • Learn hands-on tools for building life and social skills. Based on strategies and tools I’ve used for years in my work, you will gain essential tools you can use tomorrow to help build upon the plan. “outside the box” thinking, things you never thought of.

  • Get ideas and strategies for using the arts and other alternative tolls to build cognitive, social, and life skills, improve language, self-esteem, and self awareness.