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What People Are Saying About Normal Films

We have received hundreds of emails, letters, cards and phone calls. Here is a sampling

About Workshops; Key Notes and Talks

“Whether parent, professional or other, Keri captivates audiences with a powerful message of hope. Couple her knowledge and strategies with her film work, and her message makes a direct hit.”  Debbie Moss, Los Angeles Unified School District

“A sensational talk, having everyone up on their feet to say “thank you, thank you.” We learned so much from you. Mary Alice Willis, Developmental Disability Nurses Association

“I have received several phone calls and emails from parents. The feedback about last night's workshop has been so positive!  You brought a credibility to the meeting that I could not have done.  I am so grateful to have met you and to have had the chance to offer your insight and experience to the parents in this community. You are a tremendous resource.  Thank you soooo much.”  Margaret A. Saleh, M. Ed. Dir. Special Education, Conejo Valley Unified School District

“A huge thank you to independent filmmaker/mom Keri Bowers! The screening of NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME was very powerful!  In a room full of parents of 2-10 aged children, we were extremely grateful that Keri had blazed the trail ahead of us & was willing to share so much!   A “must see.” Stephanie Shulenberger, MFT
WESTSIDE PARENTS of children with ASDs

“Just came back from your presentation - I LOVED IT!  What a great tool you gave to me and my family. More importantly, I truly enjoyed your insight, experiences and most of all you fabulous humor.   Thank you so much all you have done and continue to do to keep us inspired and on the right track in keeping it real!”  Jeanine Iverson

“Thanks so much for your awe inspiring talk last night (10/3) at Colina Middle School. It's amazing how much we can empower our kids and how much they help shape our lives!” Gaye McLean

What Talk Show Hosts Are Saying

“Keri, through tremendous love and perseverance has helped make Taylor’s world a place where he can grow and succeed. They both taught me a lot.”PaulaZahn, Paula Zahn NOW-CNN

“An amazing show! Fascinating, funny, and poignant, with a unique glimpse into what is “Normal”. Naomi Judd, The New Naomi Show

“This documentary is amazing. The autistic kids interviewed in the film really opened up and provided outstanding insight into what it's like to be autistic.  Keri is a powerful director.” Phil Keating, Geraldo at Large

What People Are Saying: About the Film Normal People Scare Me: Post Your comment on You Tube Now!

“There aren’t letters big enough, bright, or bold enough to say how impressed I am with your work.” Chaz Desimone

“WOW!!!! I loved it!!! I mean absolutely awesome!!! I can't wait to show my entire staff at our in-service. Please give Taylor my congratulations and tell him I think he has gift for filmmaking that will carry him far.” Troy Strawder, ARC Marion

“I was just recently diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder.  I checked out your movie from the Dallas Public Library.  I love your theme song on "Normal People Scare Me" titled "Locked Inside of Me."  I was wondering if I could find the song on a cd somewhere?  I can't seem to get enough of it because it says a lot of the stuff I try to say but I fail when I try to say it!  Your movie was very inspirational to me.  I'm a junior at University of Texas at Dallas.  I want to become a kindergarten teacher.  I'm also taking a class called exceptional children.  I try to concentrate but when things get too close to me I kinda get weirded out.  It was helpful for me to see through your movie that we can learn to adapt better with practice to the outside world.  Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and others with the world!”  Carly Allison McCullar   

“I just finished watching Normal People Scare Me. I had no intention of watching a film about autism, but as I was mindlessly flipping through the channels on my tv, I was fascinated by the film and found it impossible to change the channel.  I myself grew up as a "normal" child, but there were a number of things that resonated with me as an adult. I find loud noises to be completely disruptive and often they feel like they pierce my heart. I guess some "normal" people share some similarities with autistic people.  I found the personality of Taylor Cross to be especially interesting. I would definitely see more films and I encourage you to make more documentaries. I think your interviewing skills are quite good and I encourage you to expand your subjects into other areas besides autism. Choose something that interests you. Anyway, good luck to you in the future and thank you for making the film that i enjoyed immensely.” Leah Stephens

“The staff at our school district has really benefited from "Normal People Scare Me." It has made a real impact on our district. I hope that The Sandwich Kid has the same...I'm sure it will. Congratulations on making such a difference in the world of disabilities and autism.” Pattie Schallert

What People Are Saying: About The Sandwich Kid

“I was haunted by The Sandwich Kid.  It really settled into my consciousness and I know I'm going to be processing it for a long time to come. Some of those kids seemed so overwhelmed; it was as if they each felt that they had to sacrifice every aspect of their lives to their siblings.  But sometimes kids-- like Taylor -- achieve so much more than it was originally thought they could.  So shouldn't there be an interview that talks about this. You've made an important movie that will change lives.  Congratulations!”  Liza Dawson, Literary Agent

“Wow. “The Sandwich Kids” packs quite the emotional punch. I love how it steadily built up, via both the interviews and topics, until the waves of feelings washed over me. (Yes I needed several tissues!)” Terri Childs

“I just finished watching The Sandwich Kid. Wow!  What an incredible gift you have given all of us in the disability community! You covered everything so thoroughly and with such extraordinary compassion and insight.  I can’t wait to share this film with the families I work with and with my own extended family members. Thank you, Keri.”  Diane Smith

“Thank you for including me in this powerful, ground-breaking film about the valuable roles played by siblings in special needs families. This amazing film grants a long-overdue and richly deserved voice to the millions of brothers and sisters worldwide who boldly and lovingly face their siblings challenges every single day. They are my heroes.” Judy Winter, Author: Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations,

“This (film) is long overdue.  Thank you so much for an outstanding, inspirational, and healing film.  I am starting a support group for the siblings, because my son of 3 years old has an innate fear of many things because he came in to the world with a sister who was just being diagnosed with Autism at 22 months.  She screamed constantly and all he heard me say for at least 2 years was, "it's okay, it's okay".  I've recommended your film to people everywhere.  I'm starting a program to educate school children.  I speak locally and in my handout, I've included your film as one not to miss. Thank you so much for being such a strong voice.” J. Orr, Parent