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The ART of Dr. Stephen Shore and Momma Drama

By Keri Bowers MOMMA DRAMA! “Hey momma drama… Are you coming to class on Sunday?” As usual, Stephen’s tone is warm, animated and inviting. “Yup. I’ll be there. 9:00AM.” I reply. “Student reports, and then free time…” he says with a silly bend to his voice. I know exactly what he means; “free time” for […]

Reverently Irreverent Birds with a Twist

REVERENTLY IRREVERENT BIRDS Lyrics to Mary Poppins’ “Feed the Birds” with a reverently irreverent metaphor to autism and our world’s life with autism. My comments/analogies are included after each line(s). INTRO: Sometimes a person we love through no fault of his own can’t see past the end of his nose… FEED THE BIRDS Early each […]