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By Keri Bowers

Entries for November, 2009


I sat there, melting in my seat, smudged mascara, and grungy – if not “ripe.” As we passed over the Meridian divide, I couldn’t help but notice a shift in my consciousness. I was instantly aware at that exact moment in time and space I was betwixt and between: where the East meets the West; […]

Thankful for Autism

Truth be told, though autism turned my life upside down, it also right-sided me. Before autism came knocking at my door, I was a 28 year old woman with little connection to my fellow beings. I was out for myself. Young and spirited, I lived the fast life in Hollywood, and had a good job […]

DSM V – URGENT we pay attention to proposed changes in diagnostic criteria

VIP: Autism diagnostic criteria on the diagnostic manual’s Web site in January will invite comment from the public. I am reprinting below, a recent article by Claudia Wallis regarding the experts who are currently in talks to revise psychiatry’s diagnostic manual (DSM V) and whom preliminarily have proposed to eliminate Asperger’s and PDD-NOS from the […]

Dancing with Destiny

“We’re just not sure what’s wrong with him.” Another so-called expert tells me Taylor has “non-specific developmental delays”; or PDDNOS. Yet another doctor says I am not properly bonding with my son and thus I am at the cause of his tactile defensiveness and emotional distress; a polite way of saying I am a refrigerator […]

Reverently Irreverent Birds with a Twist

REVERENTLY IRREVERENT BIRDS Lyrics to Mary Poppins’ “Feed the Birds” with a reverently irreverent metaphor to autism and our world’s life with autism. My comments/analogies are included after each line(s). INTRO: Sometimes a person we love through no fault of his own can’t see past the end of his nose… FEED THE BIRDS Early each […]

Reverently, Irreverent Autism

If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. My son, Taylor is now 20 years old. We’ve lived with autism everyday for approximately 7,548 days or 181,152 hours as of this writing. There have been times when I thought I could not handle another moment of the insanity that the baffling disorder of autism creates in my […]