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By Keri Bowers

Entries for March, 2012

Never say Never 10 YEARS AFTER: Abilities Awareness Program Wins the Phoebe Apperson Hearst National PTA Award for Excellence in Education

A decade ago, I was told by an administrator in my son’s school district that a disabilities awareness program could never be facilitated at the middle school level because, as he put it, “Those kids are too self-involved and won’t be receptive to learning about their disabled peers. Such programs are better left to grade […]

ALPHABET SOUP, By Debra Hosseini

No wonder autism moms feel isolated and alone. Listen to this conversation I recently overheard at the park. You have to learn a different language to speak autism-mom talk. Don’t worry there is a glossary at the end. Mom 1: Does Matt have an ASD diagnosis? Mom 2: Matt hasn’t been diagnosed with ASD – […]


As he looked up through the moon roof of our car, Taylor’s face lit up quick and bright as a flash. Excitedly, he began to bob up and down, frantically waiving his arms up and outstretched through the roof’s tiny opening which framed the stars and the moon like a picture against a deep blue […]