Having worked in the disabilities field for over 25 years, Keri’s work with hundreds of kids and adults in the facilitation and design of summer and winter camps, community-based social and life skill groups, and a variety of workshops, along with Keri’s parenting a child with special needs, have provided her with a unique perspective in disabilities: the professional and the parent.

Keri, a former paralegal in West Hollywood working with rock bands including Motley Crue, KISS and Blind Melon, knew she wanted to steer her career in the direction of disabilities awareness and advocacy. She was determined to create something “outside the box” that made a difference for not only Taylor and Jace, but for others as well. But she felt stuck.

As a working mother, a transition from working for someone else to creating her own business was daunting. But she was determined. As she will tell you — “I sat, watched, and listened,” and finally, after 14 years of drafting recording contracts and tour riders, I was able to leave to begin a business of my own.”

Beginning with the publication of her first book, Single Pregnancy, Single Parenting (1995), Keri began to hone her skills as speaker and media guest, In 1998, Keri formed a non-profit organization based in the Conejo Valley area of Southern California, called PAUSE4kids. A little known fact about Keri is that she worked for many years as a custom painter and wedding minister to financially support her work in the non-profit sector.  Keri resigned from PAUSE4kids in 2005 to form her film company.  She continues to work with the organization as an advisor, while developing new films and projects.

Keri has designed and developed numerous annual community-based educational events which continue to support a better understanding of disabilities today.  From Art-A-Thon which serves hundreds of kids each year, to her award winning program (“Abilities Awareness”, 2002 Phoebe Apperson Hearst National and State Awards for “Excellence in Education”) which supports 1200 middle school kids to learn about their disabled peers each year, Keri continues to create programs that leave a lasting impression upon her community.

Keri’s has several new projects in development, including her newest film, ARTS, a documentary about “Possibilities, Disabilities, and the arts”, and a workbook for parents and professionals, “Mapping Transitions to Your Child’s Future.”

Keri’s work has been featured on CNN/Paula Zahn Now, PBS/California Connected; Geraldo at Large; The Today Show; Extra, The New Naomi Judd Show, with news segments throughout the country on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. Magazines, including People, Spectrum, Scholastic, and the cover of The Autism Perspective Magazine have featured Keri’s work in film and public education. The Centers for Disease Control, school districts, universities/colleges, pharmaceutical, hospitals, other organizations have used the film for in-service and educational purposes.